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Klees Electric Inc is certified by Charge Point for ABB OnRamp Networking. Service for North America.

About Us

Looking For Expert Electrician Northbrook? Klees Electric Inc. Is Here For All Your Electrical Services Needs!

Klees Electric Inc. is the finest electrical company offering a range of skilled electrical services in Northbrook. With licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractors in Northbrook and surrounding areas, our experts are ready to provide top-quality electrical repair as you need it. Our electrical contractors come with the necessary credentials and the knowledge to handle your project through certified electrical services Northbrook and neighboring areas. We offer all the professional expertise you need with residential and commercial electricians Northbrook that have the right skills. Klees Electric Inc. is your certified electrician Northbrook as part of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Let us help you with your electrical situation. Call us right away for a FREE estimate.


We Offer Both Commercial & Residential Electrical Services Northbrook Needs – You Can Trust Our Electrical Contractors

New Construction Electrician Northbrook

Klees Electric Inc. provides trusted electrical contractors for your new building providing best-in-class commercial electrical work from a licensed electrician to make sure everything is up to code and done to the highest industry standard.

Residential Electrician Northbrook

Whether you’re in need of new light fixtures, new sets of electrical outlets or any other services that need licensed local electricals contact Klees Electric Inc. we are here to help.

Commercial Electrician Northbrook

For any commercial electrical project you are working on, contact Klees Electric Inc. We have been servicing the community with a wide variety of disciplines since 1976.


We make sure you have power at all times! Our electrical contractors have the licenses, bonds, and insurance to do a wide variety of generator repair and generator installation.

Klees Electric Inc.

Why You Should Choose Our Electrical Contractors Northbrook?

Our Electrical Company Northbrook Offers You the Highest Quality Workmanship and Unparalleled Customer Service

Free Estimates

You can always count on our electrical company Northbrook to provide free quotes. An expert electrician Northbrook will help you to see your project through to the end. Using the latest technology in the industry we specialize in getting you the correct solution for your commercial or residential situation every time.

1-Year Warranty on Electrical Work

Our one-year warranty gives our customers peace of mind that their project will be done up to professional standards the first time. Our electrical contractors Northbrook strive to use their experience to get you a reliable solution that you and your family can be proud of from now and into the future.

Years of Experience

Klees Electric Inc. has been working to make sure our customers get the right solution the first time around since 1976. Our licensed electrician Northbrook experts are consummate professionals who are built for any problem you may encounter. Whether you are in need of commercial help or residential fixes contact our local electricians Northbrook for the job.

Klees Electric Inc.

Here Are the Advantages of Hiring Our Expert Electrician Northbrook

Our Electrical Contractors Northbrook Provide High-Quality Service at Competitive Prices

Some people see electrical work as a simple task that they can carry out themselves in order to save some money on repairs. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that in the long run causes them to spend more on recurrent failures and extended damage. Lack of formal experience can bring additional problems to your electrical installation. That’s why we share with you important reasons to invest in the best electrician Northbrook has to offer. 

Safety – Handling electricity has a high risk of accidents and injuries. Certified contractors from a renowned electrical company Northbrook has, are trained to manage the risks and make use of adequate equipment and techniques to reduce electricity-related hazards in your household. 

Properly Finished Work – Makeshift repairs tend to fail repeatedly, and can cause more trouble such as electric shocks, fire or damaged devices. The electrical contractors Northbrook homeowners prefer often find deficient wiring that leads to a number of issues including permanent failure of your electrical installation. 

Maintain The Integrity Of Your Devices – Expensive electronic devices are at risk of damage by even minor changes in the electrical current. We can help you with the electrical repair Northbrook households need in order to have all their devices well-protected.

Klees Electric Inc.

What Services Can You Expect from Our Qualified Electrician Northbrook?

Your Complete Guide to Electrical Services Northbrook

When considering the potential risks associated with electrical shocks, fire hazards, and other electrical dangers, it is highly recommended to engage the electrical services of a licensed electrician Northbrook as the safest approach to handling electrical work. Electricians possess comprehensive training in handling electrical wiring, equipment, and power systems. Leveraging their expertise and utilizing specialized tools, they ensure the safe and efficient operation of your electrical systems.


Testimonials of Our Electrical Contractors Northbrook!

Very nice and efficient electrician Northbrook area who was honest and took his time with our project. He listened to all our problems and suggested the perfect solution.

Alfie Adams

The best electrical company Northbrook in our area and it’s not close. Their contractors have experience in a variety of complex jobs which separates them from the competition.

Nathan Burns

Since we know absolutely nothing about electrical repair work we knew we needed to hire electrical contractors Northbrook who were professionals. Mission complete!

Jordan Armstrong

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