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Klees Electric Inc is certified by Charge Point for ABB OnRamp Networking. Service for North America.

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Looking For Expert Electrician Lake Zurich? Klees Electric Inc. Is Here For All Your Electrical Services Needs!

Klees Electric Inc. is the number 1 electrical company offering all kinds of skilled electrical services in Lake Zurich. With licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractors, we are here to provide top-quality electrical repair Lake Zurich quickly and effectively. Our electrical contractors have the credentials and the expertise for your project with certified electrical services Lake Zurich and nearby areas. We offer all the hands-on expertise you need with residential and commercial electricians Lake Zurich that have just the right skills you’re looking for. Klees Electric Inc. is the certified electrician Lake Zurich you can count on as part of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Let our team help you with your electrical needs. Call us for fast service and a FREE estimate.


Our Full-Service Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich Provide A Variety Of Electrical Services & Electric Generator

New Construction Electrician Lake Zurich

For your new building, call Klees Electric Inc. to receive professional licensed electrical contractors who have experience in setting up the work necessary to make your project a success by maintaining it up to code and industry standards.

Residential Electrician Lake Zurich

Klees Electric Inc. is here to help any of your needs that require a residential electrician. From light fixtures to new electrical outlets or any other electrical repair. Contact our local electricians.

Commercial Electrician Lake Zurich

Klees Electric Inc. has been a best-in-class company providing many professional electrical services for commercial spaces since 1976, so we are qualified for any project.


We provide you with electrical contractors that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to do all kinds of electrical work keeping your energy flowing at all times.

Klees Electric Inc.

Why You Should Choose Our Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich?

Our Electrical Company Lake Zurich Offers Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Personalized Attention to Detail

Free Estimates

Anytime you pick our electrical contractors Lake Zurich you will receive a free estimate. We stay with you for the entire process and use our electrical expertise to see to it that your residential or commercial property is safe. Using innovative technology helps us to consistently perform above standards.

1-Year Warranty on Electrical Work

Klees Electrical Inc. delivers on every promise we make and for this reason, we offer a one-year warranty to our customers. We ensure that your project will be a success and being that we are the electrical company Lake Zurich that customers depend on, we want to keep you happy and at peace with the work that's being provided.

Years of Experience

Klees Electric Inc. takes your work seriously. Our priority is to provide excellent solutions for complex problems. We have been working in the Lake Zurich area for over 40 years which gives us the advantage of seeing every problem imaginable. If you have residential electrical repair Lake Zurich needs or commercial issues that require an electrician Lake Zurich we have the skills to help.

Klees Electric Inc.

Here Are the Advantages of Hiring Our Electrician Lake Zurich

Our Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich Offer the Highest Level of Quality Electrical Services

You might think about electrical repairs as a hobby or a simple task to perform yourself in order to avoid spending money on a professional electrician. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that makes people spend twice as much money on fixing their electrical issues as they keep coming back and even get worse. In order to avoid this scenario, we share important reasons to hire the experienced local electricians Lake Zurich homeowners recommend. 

Safety – Injuries caused by electricity are a serious risk that can be fatal. A reliable licensed electrician Lake Zurich market offers must undergo training to identify and handle electricity-related risks. With the right equipment and techniques they make your home a safer place. 

Properly Finished Work – Repairs made by inexperienced people are more likely to cause further damage such as electrical shocks, fires and ruined devices. Any experienced electrician Lake Zurich has knows that poorly finished wiring is a common source of the eventual failure of your electrical circuits. 

Maintain The Integrity Of Your Devices – Variations in electricity can be disastrous for devices like TVs, PCs, smartphones and such. The electrical company Lake Zurich residents trust will provide you with a solid installation that keeps your devices protected.

Klees Electric Inc.

What Services Can You Expect from Our Qualified Electrician Lake Zurich?

Your Complete Guide to Electrical Services Lake Zurich

While considering the potential risks associated with electrical shocks, fire threats, and other electrical dangers, it is advisable to prioritize safety by utilizing the services of a qualified electrical company Lake Zurich while doing electrical work. Electrical contractors possess the necessary expertise and ability in handling wires, equipment, and electricity, enabling them to effectively and securely engage with electrical systems via the use of specialized tools.


Testimonials of Our Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich!

These guys are an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to electrician Lake Zurich work. We felt completely confident hiring this company for a second time recently.

Edward Watson

Very transparent electrical company Lake Zurich that has a free quote process that explains every detail. The contractors are nice and always willing to give sound advice.

Camryn Meyers

We couldn’t have asked for better electrical contractors Lake Zurich to work on our home. The one-year warranty they provide is a phenomenal bonus to an already great company.

Charles West

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