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Klees Electric Inc is certified by Charge Point for ABB OnRamp Networking. Service for North America.

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Looking For Expert Electrician Barrington? Klees Electric Inc. Is Here For All Your Electrical Services Needs!

The leading electrical company in Barrington offers a host of skilled electrical services you may need, and that’s Klees Electric Inc. Our licensed, bonded, and insured electrical repair experts ensure you get top-quality electrical services Barrington. Count on our credentials and skills to deal with your project with our fully certified electrical expertise. We are all you need as our residential and commercial electricians Barrington are very experienced. Call Klees Electric Inc. when you need a certified electrician Barrington or surrounding areas, and leave it to us to handle as part of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Consult with our experts today and get your FREE estimate.


Whenever You Need Electrician For Your Electrical Services, Klees Electric Are The Electrical Contractors Barrington To Trust

New Construction Electrician Barrington

Our electrical contractors from Klees electric Inc. are perfect for your new building’s commercial electrical work. We provide commercial electrical services by a licensed electrician capable of getting your building up to code and at the highest standard.

Residential Electrician Barrington

Whether it's a light fixture you need to be installed, a new series of electrical outlets or any other electrical repair contact Klees Electric Inc. We have proven licensed local electricians who are ready to help.

Commercial Electrician Barrington

Klees Electric Inc. has been offering a complete range of electrical services for commercial buildings since 1976, so we are the company to choose for your commercial project.


Generator repair and generator installation are made easy. Our electrical contractors are bonded, licensed, and insured in all kinds of electrical work. Make sure you have power when you need it.

Klees Electric Inc.

Why You Should Choose Our Electrical Contractors Barrington?

We’re a Top-Quality Electrical Company Barrington That Offers Unparalleled Customer Service

Free Estimates

Get a free estimate when you choose a licensed electrician from our electric company Barrington. We oversee your entire process to make sure everything is done strategically. Implementing high-quality technology for every project ensures you are getting the best results possible for your residential or commercial property.

1-Year Warranty on Electrical Work

We ensure that your project is done up to the highest quality possible by local electricians Barrington that care about their work. For this reason, we offer a one-year warranty on any licensed electrician Barrington work that we complete for you. We are the trusted professionals in the area.

Years of Experience

Klees Electric Inc. has been committed to serving the Barrington community since 1976, and this experience proven to be extremely valuable for our customers. The advantage this gives us allows our electrical contractors Barrington to perform any job you may have no matter how hard it may seem. Whether you are in need of residential or commercial electrical repair Barrington we are the right ones for the job.

Klees Electric Inc.

Here Are the Advantages of Hiring Our Electrician Barrington

When It Comes to Electrical Services Barrington We’re the Best Choice

You might be tempted to take your electrical repairs into your own hands. After all, at first glance it looks like a simple task that will make you save some money. Unfortunately, lack of experience can make you spend twice as much money on further repairs. Problems can keep arising and damage can extend if you’re not properly trained. Below we share reasons why you should hire the electrician Barrington customers prefer. 

Safety – Electricity can be a hazard for you and your family whether you are trying to manipulate it, or you have a defective installation. A licensed electrician from a trusted electrical company Barrington has, is trained to handle electricity safely to avoid accidents in your household. 

Properly Finished Work – Some consequences of a poorly performed electrical repair Barrington professionals often face are electrical shocks, fire and ruined devices. A poorly finished wiring can have negative effects on your overall electrical installation. 

Maintain The Integrity Of Your Devices – Most of your expensive electronic devices depend on a steady and safe electricity supply. Your TV, PC, smartphone and other technology can be damaged with the slightest voltage change. The local electricians Barrington residents trust know how to keep your devices safe from electricity damage.

Klees Electric Inc.

What Services Can You Expect from Our Qualified Electrician Barrington?

Your Complete Guide to Electrical Services Barrington

Hiring a professional licensed electrician Barrington is the safest option when working with electricity due to the risk of electrical shock and fire. Professional local electricians Barrington have the training, experience, and safety equipment necessary to operate on your electrical systems without causing damage to your home or business.


Testimonials of Our Electrical Contractors Barrington!

Great people that do great work! Having a professional electrician Barrington to work on our project proved to be extremely valuable. He gave great insights and was committed to our satisfaction.

Robert Berry

This electrical company Barrington is an asset to our community. We first heard of them from our neighbors and when we decided to try them for ourselves they did not disappoint.

Leon Hawkins

We are thrilled at the results the electrical contractors Barrington achieved for our project. We feel more safe and more secure than ever knowing we hired consummate professionals.

Ashton Phillips

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